Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Poodle Margaux Lives On
Scott and Laura Jordan have even created an animated version of the awesome and amazing Margaux.
Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Poodle Margaux found her calling after she became deaf and blind, as thousands around the world followed her successes on her own Facebook page: Root for Margaux.

 The standard poodle managed to live life to the fullest, surviving 14 years, which is generally the maximum lifespan of standard poodles.

And now she lives on in children’s books, puzzles and even mugs, collars, dog bowls, stickers, stuffed animals and flashcards meant to teach children their letters.

Poodle Margaux bumped into a lot of chairs. But she seemed so proud of herself when she figured out where they were.

The Yay Margaux! Line is the creation of Poodle Margaux’s parents Scott and Laura Jordan, who first introduced their poodle to the world after they themselves became inspired by her ability to adapt after losing two of her senses.

Poodle Margaux became a sensation, gaining 24,000 Facebook followers and having her story told in such  publications such as HuffPost.

The latest incarnation of Margaux features a standard poodle with a curly topknot, pom-pom tail and very long legs who lives with her four poodle sisters and Wolfgang the Cat at the Poodle Resort Spa where she plays tennis, goes hiking, waterskis and ice skates.

She also wears red shoes because it wouldn’t do to step on something like broken glass that she cannot see.

The book shows how Margaux’s sisters would lead her while hiking.

 “I think she’d be pleased,” said Scott, the founder of SCOTTeVEST.

The Jordans got their first poodle two weeks after their wedding. And, eventually, they began giving one another poodles for birthdays.

One was Margaux, a happy-go-lucky poodle who was silly and fun.

“It was like this circus was always going on in her head. She’d even do silly little dances when she was happy,” said Laura.

Scott Jordan says he still likes to watch Margaux videos, one of which received 1.7 million views. “I look at them and say, ‘Wow! She did that!’ They’re even more inspiring than they were before.”

But Poodle Margaux got sick five years ago just before her ninth birthday. Veterinarians diagnosed her with an autoimmune condition and gave her medication.

But then her paw filled with pus. The paw healed but the ooze appeared in one eye, then the other. When the eyes didn’t heal, the veterinarian removed them.

Somewhere along the way, Margaux also lost her hearing, save for high-pitched sounds.

While some suggested it was time to put her down, the Jordans thought otherwise.

Laura Jordan says the books offer an easy way to have a conversation about people’s differences.

They began using scent pads to help her navigate. They tied her leash to those of her sisters, letting Chloe, Susie and Rhonda guide her when they went hiking in Adams Gulch.

 And, when she needed physical therapy to regain strength in her legs, Laura pushed her head under her own legs guiding her in doggie pushups until Margaux regained the strength to push herself up when she fell.

“It’s one thing if she had done these before she lost her sight. But it was another thing to learn to do these things when she couldn’t see. She had to learn everything anew,” said Laura.

When Margaux died in July the Jordans were overwhelmed by the outpouring of sympathy.

“We had people from as far away as Singapore contact us,” said Scott. “One woman had been in a car accident in which her husband died and said that she had followed Margaux every day. Another said Margaux had inspired her when she was overwhelmed from taking care of her mother who was dying from cancer. “There was even someone in Australia who named their puppy after her.”

The Jordans decided it was worth keeping her can-do spirit alive in a series of children’s books showing how even a deaf and blind dog can live life to the fullest.

 “Every person with additional challenges makes a go of it,” Laura said. “Without a doubt, Margaux was unique and special. But there are many Margauxs in this world.”

The first book is a charming one titled, “The Incredible Adventures of the Awesome and Amazing Margaux Waggy Tail One: Yay Margaux!

”I’m a standard poodle but there’s nothing standard about me,” Margaux introduces herself.

Poodle Margaux is chided by her sisters when she trips and falls in their sand castle. But she winds up saving the day when a thunderstorm scares her sisters off because she can’t hear or see the thunder or lightning that is scaring them.

“Now that I’m deaf I like the vibrations thunder makes!” Poodle Margaux exhorts. “It makes me want to dance!”

In another adventure those looking for a lost white dog cannot find it because the dog has fallen in mud and is no longer white.

But Margaux comes to the rescue finding it with her nose.

“I discovered I can do anything because my sniffer got super duper,” she says.

 “I wrote all 26 stories when she was alive, laying under my desk,” said Laura. “I think she told me the stories because they were so easy to write. It was like she was helping me write them.”

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