Friday, May 24, 2019
Gallery Walk Showcases Friends’ Work and Woven Fish Baskets
James Cook’s “Thresher,” oil on paper 25.5-by-33.75 inch framed
Thursday, February 14, 2019


Longtime friends Theodore Waddell and James Cook asked for—and got—a joint exhibition at Gail Severn Gallery.

And the two will be on hand to discuss their work during the February Gallery Walk from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15, as well as a free Artist Chat at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Severn said the gallery chose to juxtapose the two nationally renowned artists in solo exhibitions because both have a deep passion for and work closely with the imagery of the West, especially that which reflects Idaho and its surrounding states.

Theodore Waddell’s “Ruby River Buffalo No. 4” oil and encaustic on canvas, 30 by 36 inches

"Ted , of course, lives here and James lives in Arizona but spends a lot of time here. They're both energetic--they use a lot of paint in their work. They both paint landscapes but the way they do it is very different," she said.

James rarely includes wildlife in his paintings. Ted usually always inserts cattle or other animals into the landscape.


“Both artists use paint in a strong and bold way, melding abstraction, impressionism and personal painting styles,” she said. “They both respect and use light to their advantage in their completely unique painting styles.”

R.J. Turner’s “Wild Horses”

James Cook’s colorful impressionistic oil paintings provide the viewer with a recognizable reality. While the details of the painted image can be examined from a close perspective, the scene grows more cohesive and representational from afar.

Waddell describes the West as one large painting with it up to him to select the composition.

His large oil and encaustic on canvas paintings and oil and graphite on paper provide contemporary impressions of the beautiful, rugged, untamed panorama around us, complete with cows, horses, bison and other animals of the West.

Meanwhile, Julie Harvey of Harvey Art Projects at 659 Sun Valley Road, is presenting  “Woven,” the first exhibition in the United States to feature the works of Jenni Kemarre Martiniello and Regina Pilawuk Wilson, two of Australia’s leading contemporary indigenous artists.

Silas Thompson, “Storyteller in Boundaries,” oil on canvas, 48” x 48”


Martiniello creates sculptural objects in hot blown glass, coldworked glass and canes that are inspired by the aesthetics of traditional aboriginal woven forms, such as eel traps, fish traps, fish scoops, dilly-bags and bicornual baskets.


Wilson concentrates on designs passed on from the tradition of her grandmother’s works. Her large-scale paintings incorporate an extensive variety of stitching and weaving designs, as she was well known as a weaver before becoming a painter. Her weaving designs and patterns include fishnets, baskets, string bags, wall mats and sun mats.

Jenni Kemarre Martiniello’s long weave fish basket.


“In the old days, me, my sisters and my mother used to sit and weave together,” she writes. “All the women at Daly used to weave. And some men. Our grandfather used to make really big fishnets. But, when the missionaries arrived, they told the aboriginal people not to make them anymore. So, we lost that stitch.”

Here are other highlights of Friday’s Gallery Walk in Ketchum:

GAIL SEVERN GALLERY, 400 First Avenue North, is offering an exhibition titled “Formal Attire,” in addition to the exhibitions by James Cook and Theodore Waddell. The exhibition explores the use of black and white as the primary colors in pieces by Daniel Diaz-Tai, David deVillier, Cole Morgan, Pegan Brooks, Pamela DeTuncq, Gary Komarin, Jane Rosen, Squeak Carnwath, Judith Kindler, Laura McPhee and Alexander Rohrig.

KNEELAND GALLERY, 271 First Avenue North, is showing an exhibition titled “Town and Country.”

It features the work of Hailey resident Caleb Meyer, who has apprenticed with renowned artist Robert Moore, a longtime artist with Kneeland Gallery. Meyer will display some of his new works of Galena Lodge and other local images.

A second artist, Silas Thompson, paints to evoke the memories he started collecting during backpacking trips with his father where he began to note the distinct birthmarks and icons of rivers, valleys and the mountains that dot the high desert and farmlands of the West.

The third artist, Eric Jacobsen is a plein air painter who takes his oils with him wherever he goes, painting on site. “I want them to be felt by the viewer without his or her having to analyze or think about them,” he said. “As a general rule, I try to find strong compositions in nature and then paint the scene accurately while leaving out any extraneous details.”

All three artists will be in attendance during Gallery Walk

GILMAN CONTEMPORARY, 661 Sun Valley Road, is featuring the work of James Verbicky, best known for his “media paintings.” He creates abstract paintings and mixed media work through layered collages of historical content, advertisements and vintage graphics that embody an orderly approach to the often-chaotic onslaught of words and images seen in our daily lives.

Each piece lends itself to personal internalization and interpretation. His pieces have been auctioned by Sotheby’s and Christie’s and are in private, public, celebrity and museum collections throughout the world.

FRIESEN GALLERY, 320 First Ave North at Sun Valley Road, is showcasing Arkansas artist George Dombek’s watercolors of barns, agricultural tools and other scenes of the West.


ANDERSON ARCHITECTURE, located upstairs in the Friesen Building at 320 1st Ave. North, will display a pop-up art show featuring works by Ketchum artists Jineen Griffith and Deanna Schrell. The two will be on hand during Gallery Walk; their work will be on view through Feb. 28.


ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE CENTER, 471 Washington Ave., is continuing to display Ketchum photographer R.J. Turner’s “Wild Life.” On display are African elephants, American mustangs and scenes from Idaho. Turner is an award-winning wildlife and conservation photographer who uses her photography to help bring change. She will be present at the event to share the stories behind here shots.

WOOD RIVER FINE ARTS, 360 East Avenue in the Courtyard, is showing artists of the Masters of the American West Show, which takes place at the Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles.


BROSCHOFSKY GALLERIES, 360 East Avenue, is featuring Best of the West: Historic through Contemporary,” a group show of artists ranging from Edward Curtis, who photographed the North American Indians during the late 1800s, to contemporary artist Theodore Villa, who employs Indian themes in his work.


FREDERIC BOLOIX FINE ARTS, 351 Leadville Avenue, is showcasing the art of Cuban artist Julio Figueroa-Beltran, who paints fantastical images of clipper ships and other scenes in his studio in Miami. Also, Jose Bedia, a Cuban painter known for his neo-primitivistic figurative style.


MESH Gallery, 4th and Leadville, is showcasing the landscape photographs of Jeffery Lubeck.


MOUNTAIN IMAGES GALLERY, 360 East Avenue, is featuring a new series of photographs by James Bourret titled “Alternative Landscape.”


STONE ART GALLERY, 631 East Second St., specializes in art pieces created from gemstones.


SUN VALLEY CENTER FOR THE ARTS, 5th and Washington streets, is showcasing art that considers the role of the kitchen in shaping our memories and from our families to our social lives.



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