Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Dumpster Homes Fool Some, Strike Up Conversations with Others
Courtney Smart jumped right into a tiny house dumpster outside Java after her landlord raised her rent.
Monday, April 8, 2019


Courtney Smart ran up to the dumpster that had been remade into the image of a tiny home outside Java.

She grabbed a chair sitting next to a table with a partly eaten berry scone outside the dumpster house  and used it to climb into the dumpster.

“My rent just increased $200 a month so I’m ready to jump in!” she said.

Tori Lakey of Sue Bridgman Florist presents Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw with a housewarming gift.

Smart’s was one reaction to an April Fool’s Day joke one week today in which 10 dumpsters that had been transformed into tiny homes were unloaded at various spots around Ketchum.

Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw played along when he saw them, touting the ease with which workers could park them eight seconds from the door of their workplace or favorite eatery to cut their commute.

And Lisa Cesari noted that raccoons had figured out they were a good housing solution, even before people, as she posted a couple photos of raccoons in dumpsters.

At least two women, not initially realizing it was a joke, were ready to throw money at them as a way to alleviate the tight housing squeeze temporarily. And at least a few people called friends and family, asking what they’d heard about the Ketchum mayor’s willingness to get behind dumpster housing.

Those who took the time to look inside the dumpster outside Starbucks would have found plenty of 78 rpm records, with the other necessities of life—skis and a bicycle—parked outside.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” said an approving Cindy Hinojosa.

But one woman said she thought the dumpster housing was demeaning to those who need low-income housing.

“Twenty square feet is not livable for a human being. It’s like putting people in zoos but with less space. People can’t even stand up. I am actually shocked that we are happily saying this is an option!” she said.

But, once she realized it was an April Fool’s Day prank, she said she could see the good intent: “I hope we all do support affordable housing!” she said.

The home outside Board Bin came with its private bathroom.

The joke was meant as a humorous tool to get people talking about affordable housing. And it seemed to achieve that purpose, judging from the comments of those who said it had prompted conversations in their circles.

At least several people said they hoped local businesses would take a cue and find ways to decorate their dumpsters, much as the City of Ketchum has gotten behind the wrapping of utility boxes with art.

Not only would it make dumpsters more attractive but a map of artful dumpsters could serve as a tourist attraction in the vein of the giant dog house that serves as a bed and breakfast in Grangeville and the giant Idaho potato outside a museum in Blackfoot.

The dumpster houses follow other April Fool’s Day pranks, which started several years ago with a big sign advertising that McDonald’s was ready to take its place on Irving’s Hill in downtown Ketchum.

The home outside Warfield, apparently owned by a Warfield employee, included a clock so said employee wouldn’t be late to work.

The Ketchum Cruiser campaign followed with brightly colored green walkers placed around town for the resident population. And a TV reporter fell for the PUBER campaign, in which those wanting rides up and down the valley were supposed to wave colored flags to get the attention of Good Samaritan drivers.



and http://eyeonsunvalley.com/Story_Video/5981/Ketchum-Mayor-Backs-New-Housing-Option/




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